Friday, July 29, 2005

I Miss My Dad

I remember in 1982 on the 1st of Aug we were woken up by gun shots. Being kids we jumped from our beds and ran into the street only to see army guys firing in the air from there huge army lorries. Were we afraid? I think so but being so young sort of killed the fear factor, I think we were more amused than afraid.

I remeber how much I hated it in high school when girls would chat non stop about their dads. "My dad this and that" I didnt have much to say since he was taken from us when we were very young and therefore my memory of him is minimal.

I remember him being very generous. During the agricultural show,he let us have as much ice cream as we wanted and even go for as many rides as we could handle. I was a daddy's girl and an ice cream gal my height phobia (which I kinda had to tackle while painting the other week...ladders my friend ladders!) meant that I could not go on any rides whatsoever. The other good thing I remember about my dad is that he started giving me my driving lessons very early in life, he had to otherwise I'd yell the car down hehehe I'd sit on his lap whilst he was driving and as long as my hands were somewhere on the wheel I was happy!(huge baby smile here)

The bad memories are that he used to drink alot becoming violent as a result. I tend to think that if he hadnt passed on prolly he'd have gotten us killed through drink driving. We did once have a major accident just because he wanted to prove to us all that he wasnt that drunk. There must have been like 20 of us (all family) in the mini bus. He was begged not to drive, I dont remember much about the accident but I remember crying out loud at kenyatta hospital coz I was left in a room alone, then a dead man was wheeled in and left there. My screams must have woken the dead. That guy was either a lynch or accident victim. He had lots of dry blood all over his body.

I honestly dont like the month of August very much, I sometimes forget the anniversary of his death (I prefer to forget just like I do my birthday and my friends' and families') until afew days after the 1st of Aug. It's easier when I remember after the date on which we assume he died than before. The one coming up, well I remembered before. This is very a difficult moment for me, its going to be 23year since he passed on, died by the gun through his chest. On fateful day I remember him coming out of the house shouting for us to get back indoors and to stay clear of the windows, then he left...that was it! We never saw him alive again and my mum then a young mother and his brothers had to go through the hospitals and morgues to find his body then smuggle everyone to the village for his burial. (travelling was tricky then with a ban on movement) Then she lost everthing my dad owned to greedy family.

My worst memory of the whole coup period was seeing a man's body being hurled from the top of a building cause of lack of resources or cops being lazy. That image will never escape my mind and the sound it made when it landed on the earth below. Hope thats not what happened to my dad, I prefer to think he was shot and fell in a ditch somewhere.

I laughed and played through most of the funeral, I was too young to understand. Then my big sis came and asked me why I was jolly yet our dad was in a casket! brethren from then, my tears dried up the following day. I was offered money to shut up, I took it only to open the flood gates/and mouth after pocketing the notes (I never loved coins)

I have a great mum!


I miss my dad!

Friday Yeeeeeeeaaaaaa (Click on image for better view)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Its DIY my friends

These are just some of my friends who came by yesterday to help me out. I will be forever greatful to them. That is Mu holding one of his son's old boxers. She makes use of old inner wear when she is DIY-ing in place of proper rugs

This is a lady at barclays bank, she gets married in two weeks , her work mates dressed her up with a veil and a learner thingie...see all the money she's counting.....

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Painting progress

Today was a good day, all the walls are covered and tomorrow will do the last coat. Everything in me hurts and just wish that I had someone to masage me when I get home, oooooh well!
I am not even reading your blogs lakini will be back as soon as I get all this work done.

I'm greatful I have friends I can rely on, will post some pictures as soon as I can upload them and blurrrrr my face!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Hey bloggers, I'll not be able to blog in the next few weeks coz I got a huge painting project! will however be reading you guys. I think its a great opportunity for me to loose some unwanted weight since i dont go to the gym. If anyone can help me paint hola!

Have a fab week guys and God bless you all. If I have the energy will write afew line and post afew pics here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kenyan Lady missing after terror attack!

MISSING: A Kenya lady is missing in London after the terror attack. Ms Jane Mwangi who works at Russell Park next to the underground station which was bombed in London has not been heard since. The family is getting concerned back in Kenya and have contacted Kenya High Commission in London. Can anyone with information about her whereabouts please contact Kenya High Commission on Tel: 02076362371 or Mr. Seed on 07951220695.


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Three Kenyan victims

[edit 3]

Two Kenyans among the terror attack victims in London. Mary Wangari, 34, who is thought to have been at Aldgate Station is in critical condition at The Royal Hospital in Whitechapel, East London, while Mr. Awadh Madobe from Malindi, Kenya is in ICU at Queen Elizabeth II hospital in London. Mr. Madobe is thought to have been at Kings Cross Station (more to follow).

A Kenyan of Asian origin is among the 25 missing people in London terror attack. Mr. Amrit Shah of Newham in East London boarded the district line underground station at Plaistow Station at 8.00 a.m. on Thursday 7th July 2005 expecting to get off at Aldgate then catch another train for Piccadilly Circus where he works at a mobile shop. He has not been heard from since and this family has been trying to contact him through his mobile where there is no response and the message box is full. He was born in Ngara, Nairobi.

A Kenyan, Mr Awadh Madhobe who was taken to St Mary's hospital, Paddington after London terror attack on Thursday has now left the hospital after doctors allowed him to go home

The two Kenyans, Ms Mary Wangari and Mr Awadh Madhobe who were taken to London hospitals after London terror attack on Thursday have now left the hospital after doctors allowed them to go home

Thursday, July 07, 2005

We Condemn Terrosism

Many thank to all who got in touch with me to see that we were ok.

I would like to join with the world and and fellow blogger in condemning terrosism across the world where thousands have died. I just want to say my heart goes out to those families that have been affected over the years and especially with the families in London who lost loved ones today.

I just wish there was a way of resolving our differences without killing the innocent. All my friends and family are ok, most of them having just got off the tube just before the blast.

The pictures were borrowed from the CNN website.

May God help us!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Just for laughs!

With the hurly-burly on G8 going on at Thinker's thought I should do this...


Thats what they'll be doing for us

The war against terror


Zip up!!!!!

Aids campaign

Yeah and we should fight this too

Genetically modified cat

Have a kit- kat

Now take a break its friday

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