Saturday, March 25, 2006

One of the ffrogs

What if you went to KBW meet up only to discover than your favourite blogger is not just that, but is also an ex.
Not just an ex but an ex you'd rather not see as long as you live! You know that frog before you met that prince/ss

freaky eh?

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Just wanted to let you guys know that Mental came to visit..spent sato evening with us, he is such fab company. I offered him water or juice after the ugali dinner .....he asked me the directions to tesco supermarket. Bought a bottle of something hard. I still have the evidence of the damage!
He thinks I am so different from what my blog potrays me to be....I agree. He drove down from manchester with my bro and his chic. I am told all the way he was asking for 411 about me...dengu wewe! He knows afew secrets about now me, if u torture him he might just share.

Everyone was a paparazzi on that day ...I want all those cameras ....

He refused to sleep in the bed we had made for him, so did my bro.....I was so tired from partying I dont know where he lalad

He refused to take a shower....said our bathroom was toooo girly...I pity whoever sat next to him on his way back home.

We enjoyed your company Mental and all the girls think the world of you.....we out numbered the men thats why.

Thanks guys for the hugs prayers kisses and kind words left in my previous post. Things have slowed down a bit and am going away for four days. Absolutely looking forward...will be flying to switzerland at the end of this month. The worst part is the flying bit ...I hate it but we got to travel dont we?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Of CrossRoads and Hiatuz!

First can I apologise to Milonare for not visiting your blog. I got those threats you left in my previous post in jeng! lol

I am at crossroads in my life, ya'll know I started a bizness last year. I have been working there six days a week. I love working alone but at times when you're desperate for a break and can't have it, it becomes depressing. My mum as some of you may know had a major operation last week and that was especially difficult coz I couldnt be with her as much as I would have loved to. She is now recovering at home and doing very well. I just wish I was able to help her out since the carer I had sorted out had to leave yeasterday.

I am beginning to rethink working alone but when I look at the choices I have (which amount to one) I find myself at crossroads. Ispent such a huge amount of money and have invested alot of time in the biz. On the other hand I feel like one ready to snap! If someone tries to stretch me more than I am already I will snap..honest. Now I can define pressure and probably depression too.

I am considering closing downn and taking a long holiday back in Molo. Yes one month in molo and maybe coast for a week...I have never been there so will be a treat for me.

Those who can pray for me Pray! those who can Hug me by all mean please do!

Before I loose is completely!

am at a public lib so cnt read thru for mistakes so forgive me. I am bila network coz moved house last week. will be back reading your blogs hopefully from a base in molo if not mathare lol

Love you kbw