Sunday, May 15, 2005

My other pervert of an uncle!


One of my aunties from meru was getting married, all the family who could make the long trip packed inside a 'face me' and drove all the way to meru.

I think I must have been 14 years old or so, going to 15. Being an early bloomer my period started early and my boobs were like a C cup while all my friend still had those dots. I really hated having boobs then! I hid behind big jumpers and lesoz.

The wedding took place on a Saturday and a big reception was was held at the groom's home. On sunday their was a reception held in honour of the bride's family at the groom's. Yaani two receptions with mokimo, roast meat and the works!

Unfortunately the second day I didnt go because of my period. Every girl knows that the first one or two years during that time of the month are never comfortable. I chose to stay home and lounge. I didn't think I had company at home until my meru uncle (brother of the bride) came in half an hour after everyone else was gone.

I could not believe it when jamaa started hitting on me. Before that, I was really tight with this uncle and I was too young to think in those lines anyway. I promised him that I would scream if he dared lay a finger on me. I managed to get out of the situation in good time. Not knowing where I was going, I left and walked around for along time and got back home when everyone else was there.

I remember a girlfriend told me her story and to be honest girls have gone through hell..... her uncle would finger her and fondle her boobies. He made her promise not to tell anyone otherwise she would be killed. It went on for ages and one day she decided to tell her mum. Her mum slapped the daylights out of her and accused her of telling lies. She still remembers that slap, I advised her to remind her mum of the saga recently....her mum cried and begged her to forgive her for not believing she was being molested. It was a tear jerking moment but a bit too late I think.

I believe boys are molested too.... while they are growing up! By whom you may ask.....mbooch wengi sana!
So many mothers have no idea but maids do it to their boys...I have had a few stories!

The reason why girls dont tell when they are raped is that they fear that no one will believe them. Thank God for DNA but still its 'ngumu'

Girls have a heart we look at the bigger picture. We care so much about what telling would lead to. Family feuds and all that, girls I think sometimes its best we think about ourselves.


At 8:59 am, May 17, 2005, Anonymous Mama JunkYard said...

Both this post and the last post are quite moving and disturbing. Sexual abuse of minors is still something that many in Kenya are not willing to address...

pole for your experiences and thanks for sharing.

At 5:17 pm, May 17, 2005, Blogger Guessaurus said...

I suppose we who grew up in Kenya have some horror stories to tell.Inappropriate touching by relatives/older friends is something no one talks about. No one would believe it, or they wouldnt want to.

Thanks for choosing to share that bit with us.

At 5:16 am, July 10, 2005, Blogger misha said...

you know that thing of boys being molested by the mboch is soo true, a guy once told me his story, he was really casual about it, but he probabaly does not realise the damage it has done, as a woman i dont understand how a woman does his to a boy


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